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Thank you so much Steve for all your hard work, we are cuddled up in front of our gorgeous fire.You are a true professional and I will recommend you to everyone

M.C. L’Isle Jourdain

Wood Burner  flue installation and roof repairs Dec 2018

Just hired the cherry picker for a day as I needed some repairs to a roof that had failed flashing on the chimneys. Was originally going to make the repairs with a roof ladder but glad I found this cherry picker instead. It can get to places that other cherries will not reach, and was much quicker than doing it from roof Ladders and also no risk of cracked tiles from the Ladders. Can definitely recommend this service, saves time, it is safer, and you get a better job done as you can visually inspect a roof from all angles and spend more time on the job due to easy access. Thanks Beck Cherry Picker hire for a great job done

January 2021

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